One day out of Prague

The first of your destinations could for example be the most beautiful of Czech castles Karlštejn. The journey there takes just under an hour by train and the view of its majestic silhouette in the middle of the woody hills will be worth every minute you spend getting there. During your daytrip, you can also set out for Chateau Konopiště, which took its place in history as the summer residence of Franz Ferdinand, the successor to the Austrian throne who was assassinated in Sarajevo. You can get here easily by train in roughly an hour and a quarter. Do you like mysterious medieval residences shrouded in legend? Then hop on a train and within an hour and a half you can be walking through the courtyard of the romantic Křivoklát Castle, one of the most beautiful in the whole of the Czech Republic.

cesky krumlovDo you prefer historical cities pulsating with life and offering everything you need to enjoy a pleasant day? Then you could for example set out for Český Krumlov, which lies three hours by coach from Prague. Once you see its beautiful historical centre with its silhouette of the local chateau, which is included in the UNESCO list, you will wish you never had to leave. The same feeling awaits you in Kutná Hora, another city on the UNESCO list, which was one of the wealthiest in the kingdom and boasts two Gothic cathedrals to this very day. The journey here takes only an hour and a half by train.

karlovy varyHow about escaping the hectic big city and indulging yourself in some pleasant relaxation in a world famous spa? Karlovy Vary, which is about two hours by coach from Prague, will take you into its soft arms and pleasantly pamper you. Are you tempted by places with a link to history? You could also set out for Terezín, which gained infamy as a concentration camp during World War Two. The trip here takes only an hour by coach.

The Czech Republic does of course also offer many experiences for gourmets. Try superb wine from the vineyard in Mělník or enjoy some of the typical specialities of Czech cuisine, which must not fail to include the world famous beer from Plzeň. Have a nice trip!


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