One day out of Prague

The first of your destinations could for example be the most beautiful of Czech castles Karlštejn. The journey there takes just under an hour by train and the view of its majestic silhouette in the middle of the woody hills will be worth every minute you spend getting there.

Ten Gems of Prague

More than a thousand years of building has left architectural gems in Prague which millions of visitors come to admire every year. Get to know the unique story of a city which history has attributed nicknames to such as “Stone Dream” or the “Golden City” and get to know its greatest jewels.

Enjoy Prague, Mother of Cities

When you walk through the capital city of the Czech Republic, don’t rush. Stop for a while and take a careful look around you. You would be hard put to find such symphony of beauty and elegance anywhere else in the world. Thanks to its magnificence, Prague has provided inspiration for the most eminent of personalities for centuries and has earned nicknames such as the “Golden City” or “Mother of Cities”.