WARP 01: Kate Mulgrew

The halls of the National House in Prague were full of Star Trek uniforms. Czech fans of the American show Star Trek, a lot of them wearing costumes from the popular sci-fi show, welcomed Kate Mulgrew, the actress who played Captain Kathryn Janeway, the commanding officer of starship Voyager, with huge ovations.

During an interview with journalists the actress said that while Star Trek fans are usually regarded as “weirdos” or freaks obsessed by technology, they are actually very smart people who understand the actual meaning of the show. The actress meets fans on regular basis; her latest journey also included Germany and Australia.

“What else is a spaceship than a metaphor for what we do in the real life?” asked Mulgrew. “There is just one thing that we yet have to understand in our physical life and that is the infinity of the universe. In fact, we understand nothing. But the Star Trek fans do.”

Star Trek is a phenomena

“The main message of Star Trek is the ‘Prime Directive’,” the actress reminded us. Her character Captain Kathryn Janeway was the first woman in movie and television science fiction to sit in the captain’s chair of a spaceship as a regular. Captain Janeway’s primary mission in space was diplomacy, overcoming the differences between races: their convictions, religions and even sexual orientation. “To understand the extraterrestrials is more or less the same as the ability to understand the inhabitants of another country,” Mulgrew believes.

Enchanted by Prague

“It was a never-ending challenge. I wanted to give Janeway something that was missing in her male counterparts,” Mulgrew explained. She allegedly had a lot in common with her character – the power of personality, the love for people and laughter, and even the ability to command. The main difference between them was that her character was a scientist. “I am about as close to being a scientist as I am to being a flea. My head was not made for that. And I don’t have her courage and her incredible integrity,” admitted Mulgrew.

It was the actress’ first visit of Czech Republic and it is no secret that she was enchanted by Prague and by Czech history. “Prague is incredible: you sit on the terrace and you see a jewel next to another jewel, a tower next to another tower, the Prague castle; It’s beautiful,” said the actress to the press.

Full Q&A panel – Kate Mulgrew in Prague


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