Guest cancellation

Dear fans,

while making our last preparations for our event on Saturday, we were told by David’s agent this morning that he will not be able to make it to Europe these days and therefore neither to Prague. Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control.

Starting tomorrow, we will start refunding all tickets purchased up front.


While Julie Caitlin Brown might not have been the main reason for most of you to attend, she will still arrive in Prague tomorrow. The event venue is already booked and paid for, the KU Bar as well.

We would therefore like to invite you to a smaller, modified version of the event on Saturday. Starting at 11 am at the HUB, there will be a Q&A, autograph session and photo op with Julie. Admission at the door is 20.- €, autographs and photos can be purchased on the spot. We know that there are a number of fans from outside the CZ who have already made travel arrangements, and we didn’t want to disappoint them. We are certain, that there will be many things to talk about with Julie – her acting career, Babylon 5, Star Trek and all her clients…

Likewise, the evening event at the KU Bar will also be happpening. Admission to Julie’s concert is free to ticket holders. Everything will be slightly different from what we have been planning. But since we cannot change the fact about David’s cancellation, let’s have some drinks together instead of cancelling the event completely.

Please know that the whole team is probably even more disappointed than you are. We have put countless hours of work into preparing this event, and are really sorry not to have better news.