General rules

Rules and Conditions of WARP attendance

By registration, either online or later at the place of the event, the attendees commit to following the rules and conditions of WARP and are aware that infringement of these rules and conditions could lead to immediate exclusion from the event without compensation.


  • Follow to organizers’ instructions. They are authorized to exclude you from the event for rules and conditions infringement without compensation.
  • Wear your ticket in a visible place.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the whole building. Smoking is allowed in front of the building.
  • Follow the fire and safety rules of the building.
  • Do not disturb the guest talks. Use other event areas to talk to your friends.
  • Follow organizers’ instructions during signings and photo-shoots.
  • Do not damage the building and its equipment. In case of an accident, call an organizer in order to prevent more damage and/or injuries. Keep the building clean.
  • No pets allowed in the building, leave them back at your home base. Otherwise they would be spending their Saturday in front of the building.


  • Schedule. The organizers reserve the rights to make changes to the event’s schedule. In case of any changes due to technical difficulties or absence of one of the guests, the changes would be announced beforehand on a notice board by the entrance.
  • Cloakroom. The attendees can leave their bags, coats etc. in the cloakroom. Deposited things would be given back only with the correct ticket. The organizers do not take responsibility for things deposited anywhere else or for things left behind in the cloakroom after the event ends.
  • Promotion materials. Complete materials are only guaranteed to be provided for pre-registered attendees. Not pre-registered attendees would be given those only while they are in stock.
  • Admission fees. The admission fee includes propagation materials and admission to the event. Prices.

By either online or personal registration the attendees agree to store their personal information id organizers’ protected database. The organizers commit themselves to not abusing any of the given information and/or giving it to a third party. Personal details including the attendee’s real name are a condition of attendance and attendees agree to let an authorized organizer to confirm their identity by checking an official ID (driving license, passport etc.).