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STARS IN PRAGUE.com (SiP) was founded as a project of FAN BASE, which is active in the area of TV series and motion picture collectibles. SiP specialises in events only and was established by five girls, Terezie Holešínská, Jana Krčmářová, Eliška Martýnkový, Eva Rakowská and Eliška Vyhnánková. With the big support of Aleš Kostka these five girls put their hearts in building a company which has reached a very good reputation in the Czech Republic and is also highly recommended by our guests from the USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

In the Czech Republic, SiP has been bringing actors to conventions for more than six years, securing full service for them and running the actual events. Terezie, who is also the founder of the company, has her background in TV. For several years she was working for the second biggest national Czech commercial TV, Prima, and than a few years for HBO Europe. She left the company to pursue opportunities and projects overseas.

SiP couldn’t exist without Filip Krejčík and his 2 decades of experience with event management. Filip has also been working as an advisor for other European promoters, coordinating itineraries of VIP quests across Europe. His own company, FKM-Events, has hosted SciFi stars in Germany since 2002.

Today, SiP is run by Terezie and Filip, in close cooperation with CZ Kontinuum, Martin Böhm and Jana Krčmářová. Since its inception, SiP has nurtured a suite of relationships, including studios, TV, cinemas, distributors. It was a natural progression to grow our event business and include a consultancy and VIP guest services as well. Collaborations with fans organisations, movie premieres and other costume events are the domain of Martin Böhm and Jana Krčmářová, both of whom are part of CZ Kontinuum.

We provide not only the events themselves, but a concierge style service for our celebs from the moment they arrive into the new city, their hotel, venue, until their departure back home. Our seasoned staff makes sure the experience of our celebrities, attendees and promoters are positive ones at each event we organise.

Our goal is to insure a positive experience for our fans with their favourite celebs while making sure our celebs have a safe, seamless and positive experience with their fans at these events as well.

STARS IN PRAGUE and FAN BASE serve as resource centres for fans, celebs and promoters. We are here to serve in a capacity that makes things work for the benefit of all and eventually to be the best in our business.

Contact Terezie: terezie.holesinska@fanbase.cz
Contact Filip: f.krejcik@fkm-events.com
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