Ultimate offer: Platinum Pass

Dear Star Trek fans,

we’ve got a unique and one-time offer for you. All those of you who are already excited to spend an afternoon with Terry Farrell, read carefully.

How would you like to spend a lot more time with Terry? How about going to dinner with her after her arrival in Prague? Chat about it the next day while enjoying snacks and refreshments before the event? Would you enjoy that?

Four of you will get the chance to do so! Plus, unlimited backstage access, and a whole bunch of additions to improve the whole experience for you. For example: Free snacks and refreshments for the whole length of the event. Guaranteed best seats in the main hall and priority access. Instead of just being an attendee, you will become our guest as well and we’ll take as much care of you as we will of our main guest herself.

What’s the price, you’re asking? There’s no price. The financial situation of each of you is different. That’s why we don’t want to discourage you with a fixed price. If Terry is your big idol or you really just want to become friends with her, now is your chance. Write us! Send us an email with your story, why you want to chat one on one with her, as well as the amount you’re willing to spend. And if you don’t want to entrust your personal life story to us, you don’t have to. Just send an email with the amount in Czech currency you’re willing to exchange for the Platinum Pass, which will entitle you to everything listed below. We can already promise you that the two people with the highest amount will automatically become Platinum Pass holders. The other two will be randomly selected from the remaining inquiries.

Please send your email to until Saturday, October 8, 2016

So, what can you look forward to? This is the full overview:

19:30-22:00 Dinner with Terry at a table for 6 in a stylish Prague restaurant (The sixth seat is reserved for crew/translator). There will of course be time for drinks after dinner. The exact time and place will be communicated to only the 4 ticket holders.

12:00-17:00 Green Room access
12:15 Welcome drink with Terry
12:30 Meet & Greet (together with the Gold Ticket holders)

  • best seats in the main hall
  • priority access/handling for everything
  • Photo with Terry during the Welcome Drink
  • Photo with Terry during the Meet & Greet
  • 3 autographs (2 on the photos taken, one on a personal item or promo photo)
  • Free snacks and refreshments throughout the day